Healthy Company

To provide a comfortable work environment that encourages all employees to actively engage in health management and health maintenance and improvement, we implement the initiatives below.

1. Health Management Initiatives

  1. Maintain a 100% health examination consultation rate and measures to increase rate of re-examinations.
  2. Providing designated health guidance based on health examination results
  3. Continuation of stress check system

2. Providing Designated Health Guidance Based on Health Examination Results

  1. Total ban on smoking during work hours at all offices and plants
  2. Lifestyle disease prevention

Health physicians and specialists use health examination results to provide health guidance to persons applicable to metabolic syndrome and pre-metabolic syndrome to support lifestyle improvements.
We promote the prevention of common illnesses and lifestyle diseases related to eating habits and sleep by regularly holding behavior improvement seminars at our offices and plants.

3. Health Maintenance and Improvement Initiatives

  1. Implementing various measures to promote improvement of exercise habits

We recommend participation in "Walking Festival" hosted by the health insurance union and consideration/implementation of activities and events that promote improvements in exercise habits at each office or plant.

4. Other

  1. We promote employee health management by disseminating information about healthy companies through the personal health portal site, in-house newsletter, and in-house bulletin board.