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SDG Initiatives

The Nippon Chemi-Con Group aims to resolve social issues by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A core point of the Nippon Chemi-Con Group's promotion of SDG initiatives is the outside-in approach. The idea of this approach is to set goals based on external issues, in other words, the current needs of society. Through this outside-in approach, we will work not only to resolve social issues but also create business opportunities rooted in that approach.

Examples of Nippon Chemi-Con SDG Initiatives

Creating Long-lasting Products to Support Industrial Infrastructure

We developed a surface mount type aluminum electrolytic capacitor that increases the product lifespan of conventional products by 250%. Using a unique structure, we constrain performance degradation and are able to guarantee 5,000 hours at 125˚C. Products achieving long lifespans are used in electronic control units and 5G communication base stations and supports the industrial infrastructure that sustains people's lives and technical innovation.

Developing Technology to Support the Social Welfare Sector

The diaper sensor we exhibited at the 18th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference was awarded the Life Nanotechnology Award. The diaper sensor is a system that uses our product materials to provide wireless updates on when it is time to change the wearer's diaper. This system uses technology that does not require batteries, eliminating the need for complicated wiring or charging. Featuring materials with a low environmental load, these diapers can be thrown away as normal trash. The practical realization of these diaper sensors will enable more efficient diaper changing, which will help reduce stress and enable a pleasant daily life for both the carer and the care recipient.

Providing Vending Machines that can be Used During an Emergency

The vending machine "Eneranger," which uses Nippon Chemi-Con products, can be used in disasters and other emergencies. Even if a disaster causes a power outage, the Nippon Chemi-Con DLCAP installed in the vending machine can be charged by manually rotating the handle. This system allows users to get beverages and charge their mobile phones. Nippon Chemi-Con products are contributing to the realization of a society that can respond to disasters even in a situation where lifeline has been interrupted.