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Message from our President on our Environmental Activities

We strive to be a company that respects the global environment and people, and applies the creativity of all our employees towards contributing to society and the environment.

The Nippon Chemi-Con Group embraces the corporate philosophy of Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology. We view environmental conservation as the highest priority issue impacting all aspects of our operating activities and engage in initiatives towards addressing environmental issues. Conserving our global environment and coexisting with nature is a common goal that is shared by all of humanity. At Nippon Chemi-Con, we are committed to fully applying our technology towards achieving this goal.
Recent years have seen numerous changes in our energy supply, including the shutdown of nuclear power plants and rising prices of fuel for thermal power generation. These changes have had a significantly negative impact on the economy, on business activities, and on our daily lives. At the same time, from the perspective of energy consumption, these changes have had the positive effect of stimulating R&D and driving the commercialization of energy-saving products and highly fuel-efficient vehicles. Furthermore, we have seen major changes such as renewed interest in new energy fields such as solar power and wind power.

At the Nippon Chemi-Con Group, in addition to promoting the efficient use of resources in our production activities (3R activities), as part of our environmental conservation activities, we are also working to optimize energy use (energy conservation). We view the conservation of our natural environment and ecosystems as one of our core missions. As part of this unwavering commitment, we have launched new initiatives related to environmental conservation. With the increased functionality of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, our Group’s mainstay product, and the launch of our Supercapacitors, new technology that required years of development, we are providing the market with more energy-efficient products. Through these product development activities, we have continued to meet and exceed expectations by offering the technology and products our customers need in a timely fashion. Just like “low-energy” and “fuel efficient” have become expected features on today’s markets, the markets of tomorrow will expect us to provide renewable natural energy such as solar power and wind power. We will meet these expectations by providing innovative technology and products. We view this as both our mission and our social responsibility. To achieve this mission, we will proactively engage in the development of next-generation technology, including by establishing a research center in collaboration with academic institutions and dispatching technical staff to engage in R&D activities.
The Nippon Chemi-Con Group is committed to proactively challenging ourselves in new fields as we continue to contribute to the creation of a circular society that achieves a balance between people and the environment.

Norio Kamiyama
Representative Director and President
Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

Environmental Management System

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certification status for ISO14001 and Eco-Action 21.

Status of ISO14001/Eco-Action 21
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Organization for Environmental Management Activities

Organization for Environmental Management Activities