ComplianceInternal Whistleblowing

The Nippon Chemi-Con Group has a whistleblowing system to promote the early discovery and early correction of illegal acts. This system is available to Nippon Chemi-Con Group full-time employees as well as contract workers, part-time workers, and temporary workers.

Consulting and reporting can be conducted anonymously via e-mail, telephone, postal mail, or in person to a dedicated whistleblowing help desk.

Persons who consult or file a report are not subject to any unfair treatment. The personal information of the whistleblower, the details of their reports and the results of investigations will be handled as confidential information that is not disclosed to any third party or used for any purpose other than the processing of the report.

When whistleblowing help desk staff receive a consultation or report, they immediately confirm facts and implement corrective action or preventative measures in the event an illegal act is discovered. After completion of investigations and corrective actions, the whistleblowing help desk staff regularly conduct follow-up to ensure the consulter or whistleblower is not subjected to any unfair treatment.

Internal Whistleblowing