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Nippon Chemi-Con is approaching the 90th anniversary of our founding. Throughout the years, our electronic components have quietly supported people's lives and technological innovation around the world. Our products and business activities are widely accepted throughout society because everything we do is centered on our corporate philosophy of Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology. Not only do we apply advanced technological capabilities towards developing everything from materials to final products, we strive to maintain a balance between business activities and making contributions to society.

The current state of society and the environment is unpredictable and presents numerous difficult issues: a global pandemic, climate change, changes in the political environment, and growing diversity and emergence of complex values. Overcoming these times will require not only our own strengths and abilities, but that we cooperate with society to work towards the resolution of these various problems. We believe that the SDGs, which have grown into a global movement, provide a framework through which we can combine our strengths to make meaningful contributions to society. We recognize that our commitment to resolving the problems that exist in society and our efforts towards making the world a better place are critical to Nippon Chemi-Con's continued existence as a company that is trusted and needed by society.

I believe that diligently engaging in resolving these social issues will also contribute to improving our corporate value. Since our founding, Nippon Chemi-Con has continuously received high praise from external entities for our environmental initiatives despite increasingly stricter regulations. Today, this recognition has become a significant source of added value for our products. We recognize the importance of engaging in business activities based on a business strategy that addresses market needs that are inherent to societal issues in order to achieve both corporate growth and make contributions to society.

With this in mind, Nippon Chemi-Con will continue working to resolving societal issues through our business activities and existing as a company that is trusted by society. In addition to reinforcing safety, quality, and legal compliance in our daily activities, we will work towards innovation that supports social infrastructure, fulfill our commitment to environmental issues, and engage in human resource management that adapts to new norms while ensuring comfortable work environments. Nippon Chemi-Con is committed to enriching the lives of all our stakeholders and everyone in society. We are confident that adhering to our corporate philosophy or Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology will enable us to create a foundation for sustainability.

April 1, 2021
Norio Kamiyama
Representative Director and President
Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation