Material Procurement

Expectations To Suppliers

Nippon Chemi-Con Group aims to promote sustainable procurement activities in a spirit of coexistence and coprosperity. We ask our suppliers to observe the following commitments.

1. Legal compliance and compliance structure creation
Suppliers are expected to comply with the laws and social norms of the countries and regions in which they conduct business activities and establish an effective compliance structure.
2. CSR Promotion
The entire supply chain, including all suppliers related to business processes, are expected to engage in CSR activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. Nippon Chemi-Con and suppliers are to share a common perspective on CSR and suppliers are also expected to promote aggressive CSR activities.
3. Environmental consciousness
Under the corporate philosophy of "Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology," we focus on green procurement to ensure our ability to provide environmentally friendly products. Suppliers are expected to continuously supply products that fulfill our Green Procurement Standards.
4. Promoting responsible minerals procurement
We prohibit procurement of minerals related to sources of capital for armed forces or violations of human rights. Suppliers are expected to formulate policies, conduct supply chain surveys and due diligence, and procure from *RMAP-compliant smelters.
RMAP: Responsible Minerals Assurance Process
5. Promoting healthy business management
To ensure stable transactions, suppliers are expected to promote healthy business management. Furthermore, we request a timely and appropriate information disclosure on management policies and business conditions (including financial conditions).
6. Supply chain management response (BCP response)
We are connected with our suppliers and customers along a linked supply chain. As such, suppliers are expected to formulate and maintain a business continuity plan (BCP) to prepare for any suspension of business activities due to unpredictable states such as natural disasters, and to establish a structure that enables swift responses to sudden changes.
7. Ensuring quality
We engage in business activities with the pride of an electronic components' manufacturer and commitment to quality. Suppliers are expected to actively use statistical methods and other quality management methods in all fields of their business activities to increase quality through continuous improvement activities.
8. Elimination of antisocial forces
To promote the elimination of antisocial forces, we outline in the Nippon Chemi-Con Group Charter of Corporate Behavior that we shall never support or assist any antisocial groups or organizations in any country. Suppliers are expected to avoid any transactions with businesses associated with antisocial forces.
9. Competitive pricing
To ensure our ability to provide satisfying products to our customers, suppliers are expected to constantly supply products at competitive prices and promote continuous efforts to reduce prices. Suppliers are also expected to propose new materials and cost improvements by actively engaging in VA/VE activities.
10. Appropriate management of confidential information
We work to provide information deemed necessary for transactions with suppliers in a timely and appropriate manner. Suppliers are expected to establish effective information security in order to protect the confidentiality of provided information.