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Information Security

The most adequate security measure is taken in order to protect all related information regarding Nippon Chemi-Con Group. We have established a policy especially to protect customers' information from any leakage, falsification or destruction and are performing in our business activities.

In Japan, personal information will be governed correspondingly to Personal Information Protection Law and as for confidential information, Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

Basic Policy regarding Information Security

Information and Information Systems (hereafter as "Information Assets") are most vital and indispensable assets of NCC-group.
Business of NCC-group depends on our customers' continuous confidence and reliance which have been developed gradually over the years by the efforts by all the people concerned. We, Nippon Chemi-Con group, will need further to contribute to the society by offering beneficial products in today's highly advanced information world, while we intend to strive for our continuous growth in order that our employees may fulfill their quality of life. In this respect, more effective use of "Information Assets" and avoidance of any sort of troubles relating to "Information Assets" are of vital importance in pursuit of aforesaid objectives. "Information Assets" must be properly protected in highly reliable conditions in order for us to avoid unnecessary loss resulting in profit decrease, loss of our customers and our bad reputations.
"Information Assets" are at present decentralized to each employee, who plays an essential role in our Information Security. Information Security does not belong any longer to the specific area governed solely by Information Systems experts.
I would like to establish herewith our basic policy regarding Information Security so that all the NCC-group persons concerned may recognize the importance of "Information Assets" and may protect "Information Assets" which is regarded as company value itself.


  1. The most adequate security measures shall be taken in order to protect all the related information regarding NCC-group business activities. In particular, all the customers' information, personal information of each individual employee, and information relating to products and technologies under development are regarded as supremely important and shall be protected from any leakages or falsifications or destructions, and shall not be disclosed unless it is reasonably necessary.
  2. Information Systems of NCC-group shall be established, equipped and offered in order to implement efficient business operations and activities. Those who are qualified to deal in Information Systems shall observe the specific rules.
  3. Based on the aforesaid policy, Information Security Regulations are to be established in order to control and utilize "Information Assets" which NCC retains. As for other detailed contents Information Security Regulation must refer to, the specific application rules or guidebooks set up separately for purpose of maintenance and control. If any employee or any member of the board of directors infringes the regulations, he or she will be subjected to a disciplinary measure according to the employee working regulations.
  4. Information Security of NCC-group shall be proceeded by "The Information Security Committee" under its responsible director. A specific department in charge shall be appointed as its administration office of Information Security.
  5. In Japan, personal information shall be governed pursuant to Personal Information Protection Law and as for confidential information, Unfair Competition Prevention Law.