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Approach to CSR

From the globalization of corporate activities to dynamic leaps in information technology and climate change, modern society is facing new and complex issues that we have never experienced before. As an entity operating in this environment, the Nippon Chemi-Con Group must also aggressively engage in social and international issues. As a company that is involved in a diverse range of business activities and engaged with a variety of stakeholders, we must work to ensure we do not have a negative impact on society. Thinking about the level of impact a company has on society, we believe the responsibility of resolving social and international issues falls not only on individuals and governments, but on companies as well.
Nippon Chemi-Con broadly interprets corporate social responsibility (CSR) as responsibility for the impact a company has on society. We must be aware of the significant impact our activities have on society and take responsibility for the impact of our actions. With this awareness, we work to have a positive impact on society through our business activities. Specifically, we will apply the advanced technology of the Nippon Chemi-Con Group, from materials to manufacturing, towards resolving the issues and troubles faced by our customers and society to contribute to the realization of a safer and more pleasant society. We also view our commitment to CSR activities as a way to increase the corporate value and credibility of Nippon Chemi-Con and as something that has a positive impact on our business activities. The Nippon Chemi-Con Group strives for mutual prosperity with our various stakeholders and to be a company that is trusted by society.

How Nippon Chemi-Con Positions CSR with ESG and SDGs

We position ESG and SDGs as a framework for implementing and evaluating our efforts related to corporate CSR. We do not view these concepts as mutually exclusive, rather as overlapping and deeply correlated. With this notion, we will comprehensively engage in CSR activities.