Quality Assurance Activities

1.Quality Policy

At Nippon Chemi-Con, our business activities are founded in our pride as an electronics components manufacturer and our commitment to quality. Our quality policy states, "As a specialist manufacturer, we will contribute to society by providing products and services that prioritize quality, are aligned with the current needs of the market, and earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers." We are promoting the following three strategies as specific guidelines aimed at achieving this policy.

  1. From product development, design, and manufacturing to sales and services, all departments and employees work continuously to fulfill their roles and responsibilities related to quality in order to continuously prevent defects.
  2. Active use of statistical methods and other quality management methods in all fields of business activities to increase quality by engaging in continuous improvement activities.
  3. Work to unify concepts, standards, and information related to quality and establish a company-wide quality system that can continuously achieve consistent quality at all sites of operation.

2.Nippon Chemi-Con Quality Activities

Implementing the CAPDo Cycle to Prevent Malfunctions

Nippon Chemi-Con works on the improvement of quality, costs, delivery deadlines and technology by implementing the CAPDo cycle (Check > Act > Plan > Do) and valuing the understanding of the actual situation through data in accordance with the quality policy. In addition to maintaining and improving product quality, we work to strengthen the robustness of our global logistics quality. We appropriately identify and evaluate the diverse risks associated with our business activities and minimize those risks to prevent malfunctions.

CAPDo (Check→Act→Plan→Do) Cycle

Improvements by Reinforcing the 5Gs

The Nippon Chemi-Con Group applies the concept of the 5Gs (the 3Gs of Genba (worksite), Genbutsu (product), and Genjitsu (reality of situation) + Genri (principles) and Gensoku (basic rules) )as the basis for reinforcing highly accurate quality management throughout the entire company.

The 5Gs

Continuing to provide products designed and produced under the philosophy of quality first is the mission of Nippon Chemi-Con as an electronic components manufacturer. All company departments and employees engage in business activities with a commitment to quality.
Nippon Chemi-Con will continue to contribute to society by supplying safe and reliable products.

3.International Standards Certification

Based on the abovementioned quality policy, each of the Nippon Chemi-Con Group production sites located throughout the world has acquired IATF16949, the international quality management system for the automotive industry, and ISO9001 to maintain efficacy in each workflow process.

Certified Factories