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PCB Containing Capacitors

Some oil-filled capacitors manufactured by MARCON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (Futai Chikudenki CO., LTD, Tokyo Denki CO., LTD.) of Nippon Chemi-Con Group used PCBs as insulating oil. We stopped using PCBs in July 1972, and therefore, PCBs are not used as insulating oil for capacitors manufactured after August 1972.

Electrolytic Capacitors and PCB

Electrolyte used for electrolytic capacitors is conductive liquid, and therefore, PCBs are not used in principle because of its insulating properties. Electrolytic capacitors manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation and MARCON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. do not use PCBs regardless of manufacturing year.

Identification of PCB-Containing Capacitors

Products displaying "DFコンデンサ", "シバノール入", "不燃性油入" or "NON-INFLAMMABLE LIQUID" contain PCB.

Types of Products Containing PCB

"DFコンデンサ", "シバノール入", "不燃性油入", "NON-INFLAMMABLE LIQUID" Following series with above indication(s) contain PCB.

  • CD~
  • D~
  • FCD~
  • FCDE~
  • KD~
  • MCD~
  • NCD~
  • NHD~
  • NLD~
  • PFCD~
  • SA~
  • SD~
  • SDAB~
  • SDB~
  • SDR~
  • SP~
  • SRTR~
  • SR-~
  • SSD~
  • TCD~
  • ~AD-~
  • ~AK~
  • ~AST-~
  • ~AS-~
  • ~AT-~
  • ~A-~
  • ~ED~
  • ~EDF~
  • ~EDS~
  • ~FCD~
  • ~SDS~
  • ~SDF~
Products that may contain trace amounts of PCBs are as follows:
  • Capacitors manufactured in and before 1989 and for which insulation oil other than PCB was used.
  • Reactor and discharge coil containing insulating oil (discharge wire ring)

Although we did not use PCBs for these products, there is a possibility that a small amount of PCB may have been contained.
According to the results of a survey conducted by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA), there were cases in which traces of PCB were detected in equipment manufactured in and before 1989. Therefore, our company has concluded that products manufactured in and before 1989 and containing insulating oil may contain traces of PCB.
Please conduct PCB analysis and take appropriate measures in accordance with laws and regulations.
Based on the opinion of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association, our capacitors manufactured in and after 1990 were not contaminated with traces of PCBs.
Reactors and discharge coils containing insulating oil may contain trace amounts of PCB due to replacement of insulating oil or lubrication by maintenance.

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