Human Resources

Ideal Human Resources for Nippon Chemi-Con and Our Basic Approach to the Human Resource System and Human Resource Development

Nippon Chemi-Con believes that human resource development is critical to achieving sustainable growth while adjusting to environmental change.
At Nippon Chemi-Con, we work to establish a system for developing human resources who will lead the company 10 years from now.

Our image of the human resources who will lead the company 10 years from now
  • Thinks and acts autonomously to respond to an increasingly uncertain business environment
  • Undertakes challenges aimed at growth, improvement, innovation and creativity
  • Fosters a "culture of discovery" to maximize the strengths of the organization
Personnel Management Policy

Personnel Management Policy

Rewarded through work responsibilities and contributions
Human resource system and management focused on roles, responsibilities, and contributions
Framework for the rapid promotion of human resources capable of achieving continuous results, and for continuously ensuring appropriate human resource assignments
Responding to the passion and motivation of our employees
Framework for helping employees see their contributions to society and the company
(Incorporating company policy into work goals to create links throughout business structure)
Framework for ensuring employees who are eager for challenge and are passionate are satisfied with their treatment
Strengthening the platform for development and utilization of human resources
(Promoting autonomous growth and provide opportunities)
Framework for outlining career paths, including professions, to promote motivation for growth
Framework for promoting human resource development and growth, including incentives for skills development, rotations, and open calls
Education and practice that unifies training and OJT