We are focused on the following policies based on the belief that diverse ideas increase corporate value and serve as the source of competitiveness.

Proactive Hiring of International Students

We have always engaged in the hiring of foreign students studying in Japan. With the advancement of globalization, we are enhancing recruitment of foreigners in response to the need for human resources who live in Japan and have an understanding of Japanese culture. We recruit every year, primarily students from East Asia and Southeast Asia, and these employees make contributions to a wide range of roles. Of course, working overseas is not easy so we regularly meet with employees to provide support for both their work and their personal lives. In the future, we hope these employees will serve as managers overseas.

Promoting Hiring of Persons with Disabilities

We provide career support by providing a comfortable work environment and skills development for persons with disabilities. We aim to create an environment that promotes the utilization of a diverse range of human resources regardless of age and physical limitations.