Material Procurement

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual


To supply quality that satisfies customers, we need suppliers to understand our quality assurance policy and adopt our policy to materials.

Nippon Chemi-Con's Quality Assurance Policy

As a specialized company of capacitor, we assure "quality first" for customers. We provide products and services which meet the needs of the market and earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Information on supplier quality assurance manual

[July 26, 2023] We revised the supplier quality assurance manual.

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual and related documents

The contents of our supplier quality assurance manual and related documents can be downloaded from the following.

Downloads (related to material procurement)

Notice of Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

To handle these files, please keep in mind the things in below.

  1. Distribute the Supplier Quality Assurance Manual to Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers based on the customer's policy.
  2. Do not use files to produce or sell documents.
  3. Do not use files for texts of paid seminars.

Note: If you have any questions or concerns not covered in this section, please contact the SCM Procurement Dept.

If you have any questions about this, please contact below.

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