Material Procurement

Flow for Starting Transactions

This is an introduction to the standard flow for new suppliers and suppliers starting to provide new materials or parts to Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation and affiliates.

1.Transaction Procedure Flow Chart


New suppliers
  1. 1.Registration of supplier
    Basic Purchasing Agreement
    Quality Assurance Agreement
    Other Agreement
    Responsible Minerals Sourcing Inquiry Document
    CSR Guidebook Answer sheet
    Green Procurement Standards
    Receipt and Acceptance
    Chemical Substances Manager and Information recipient registration form
    Supplier Quality Assurance Manual
    Person Responsible for Quality Assurance/Environment Notification
    Novelty/Changes - Check Sheet for Supply Chains
    Self evaluation sheet for Green-supplier approval
    Audit sheet for supplier quality system
  1. 2.Material approval
    Parts Approval Procedure List
    • Environment document
    • Delivery Specifications
    • Control Plan
    • Shipment Inspection Report
  1. 3.Start of transaction
Nippon Chemi-Con

* On-site audit conducted as necessary.

Quality system audit
* On-site audit conducted as necessary.

2.Transaction Startup Manual for Suppliers

This Transaction Startup Manual for Suppliers is provided to summarize the documents that must be executed and submitted prior to starting transactions and deliveries. This promotes smooth operations related to the start of transactions and deliveries on both sides.

Transaction Startup Manual for Suppliers


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