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Medium-term Management Plan

The 10th Medium-term Management Plan

Nippon Chemi-Con Group developed the 10th Medium-term Management Plan covering the period of three years from April 2023 to March 2026 and is implementing measures to achieve our goals. The outline of the plan is as follows:

(April 1, 2023)
Corporate Philosophy "Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology"
Long-term Goal Create next value (Let's create the next value!) - Create a value of the next generation (corporate value, product value, new business)! Create human resources who can try crossing borders through organizational and structural reforms!
Medium-term Goal High-quality growth through enhancement of adaptability (resilience) - Acquire the ability to adapt and overcome difficult environments and situations, grow oneself, and actively confront future goals with hope
Basic Policy for the Medium-term
Management Plan
Target a highly profitable structure by providing high value-added products and improving productivity
Key Measures Business Strategy
Strengthening highly profitable products
  • 1. Investing in and increasing production of hybrid capacitors
  • 2. Strengthening the coil business
Improving Productivity
Production structure reforms through optimal portfolio (rebuilding and standardizing)
  • 1. Smart factories
  • 2. Supply chain management (SCM) strategy
  • 3. Improvement in staff productivity

Pursue 1. through 3. based on the DX strategy

Numerical Goals for
FY 2025
Net sales 170 billion yen
Operating income 14 billion yen
Operating income margin 8.2%
Profit attributable to owners of parent 10 billion yen
Interest-bearing debt 58 billion yen
D/E ratio 1.0x or less
Total asset turnover ratio 1.0x or more
ROE 14.0%
ROIC 7.0%