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Recently, requirements for electronic components are changing greatly as a result of accelerating digitization and electrification.

The board design is getting complicated due to increase in components such as the use of many capacitors in parallel, and LC modules which function as a combination of inductors and capacitors.

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation would like to reduce the time spent on design and assembling with our modules.

Here, we will introduce our newly developed "Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Through Hole Reflow" and "48V DC-Link Modules for xEV."

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Through Hole Reflow

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation has developed the world's first through hole reflow (THR) aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Flow soldering is the conventional method used for radial-lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. However, as reflow soldering expanded, using both methods caused a particularly large strain on customers in the automotive electronics market.

The THR capacitor can replace the flow process with the reflow process.
The elimination of the flow process will not only improve the assembling efficiency, but also reduce the board size, facility investment and personnel costs.

Only samples for D12.5X23L are available at present. In the next step, we are planning to develop other sizes and horizontal types.



Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

4 Features of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Through Hole Reflow
1Through hole reflow (THR)
Possible to solder radial-lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors by reflow instead of flow.
2Machine inserting
Can be placed automatically by mounters and robots.
330G vibration resistance
30G vibration resistance made possible by using improved base plates for SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
The supporting electrode on the bottom of the base plate improves fixation, which can cut the gluing process after reflow.
4Sound tuning service (Customized solution)
To contribute to the premium audio market, we have innovated a design that offers tuning in a higher sound quality.

Formed from the initial letters of the words "Durable" "Reflow" "Accurate" and "Sound," "D.R.A.S. Technology" contributes to the sound quality and mounting efficiency of next-generation car audios.

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Sample Specifications
Category Temperature Range [℃] -40~105
Rated Voltage [Vdc] 25
Capacitance [µF] 2,200
Rated Ripple Current [mArms] 2,000 (105℃, 100kHz)
Case Size [mm] ⌀12.5×Max23L
Endurance 105℃ 3,000hrs

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48V DC-Link Modules for xEV (Development of Modules for Evaluation)

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation has developed a 48V DC-Link capacitor module. This module can support faster evaluation at the initial stages of development.

Recently, requirements for capacitors are changing due to the 48V system expanding mainly in the European automotive market.
Development of Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and Belt-driven Starter Generator (BSG) for four-wheeled mild hybrids are accelerating in particular. These require high current to drive motor inverters. To handle high current, many capacitors need to be connected in parallel within the DC-Link, causing a strain on customers.

This newly developed capacitor module can support high current by directly mounting 20 pieces of high ripple current resistant and low impedance conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors on a metal busbar*. This makes it possible to reduce the time spent on mechanical design and assembling. Attaching TIM** to the under surface of the module will help improve thermal dissipation. This module contributes to reducing the development process of customers.

Circuit diagram and appearance

Circuit diagram and appearance

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Module Specifications
1. Electric characteristics
Rated Voltage [Vdc] 63
Capacitance [µF] 2,000
ESR 0.82(20℃, 10kHz)
Shoot-through current [A] 100 (tentative)
Rated Ripple Current [Arms] 80 (tentative) (85℃, 10kHz)
Category Temperature Range [℃] -40~+125
2. Mechanical characteristics
Size [mm] W124×D79×H18
Quality [g] 140
Vibration resistance JASO D 014-3 (for transmission)
Number of capacitors [pcs] 20
3. Capacitor specifications
Capacitors Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Part Number HHXE630GRA101MJC5G
Category Temperature Range [℃] -55~+135 (150)
Rated Voltage [Vdc] 63
Capacitance [µF] 100
ESR 22(20℃, 100kHz)
Rated Ripple Current [mArms] 3,200(125℃, 100kHz)
Case Size [mm] ⌀10×12.5L
Endurance 125℃ 4,000hrs
*1 Integrated Starter Generator
*2 Belt-Driven Starter Generator
*3 Patent pending.
*4 Our module doesn't include Thermal Interface Material (TIM).
*5 The documents and information are subject to change without notice.

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