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For power supply

List of series

Series Core material Feature Common mode filter Normal mode filter PFC Voltage Boosting Output smoothing
FL Nanocrystalline Standard for common mode noise filter - - -
FL-V Nanocrystalline High permeability for common mode - - -
DM Alloy-based dust Suitable for downsizing and high efficiency PFC voltage boosting coils -
SM Amorphous without gap Feedthrough core with a single-turn lead wire for remarkably small D.C. resistance - -
AM Amorphous with gap More excellent D.C. bias characteristics in large-current - -
AW Amorphous with gap Downsizing from AM Series for large-current - -
CM Amorphous with gap Standard type in smaller size in comparison with ferrite choke coil - -
CMJ Amorphous with gap Miniaturization in comparison with CM Series coil by about 30% - -
BM Amorphous without gap Downsizing from TM Series - -
TM Amorphous without gap Downsizing, Low leakage magnetic flux - -


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