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Line to line protection
For 100VAC For 200VAC
For automotive
For 12VDC For 24VDC For 200VDC

List of series

Series Type Varistor Voltage Range
Element Dimensions
Max. Peak Current
Feature Safety Standard* AEC-Q200*
V Radial Lead Type 15~1800 Ø5~20 250~10000 General product UL, CSA, VDE, CQC -
SV 220~1000 Ø5~20 800~10000 Non flammable and little scatter type. Very large surge capability. UL, CSA, VDE, CQC
SV 22~68 Ø5~20 125~2000 -
H 22~47 Ø9~23 5~40[J] High energy low voltage. Best suited for automotive surge absorbers. - -
GF 270~820 Ø15~23 2500~4000 Built-in thermal fuse. - -


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