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Manufacturer change

The manufacturer of all film capacitor products will be switched to TAITSU CORPORATION as of April 2024.
Please note that only the manufacturer's brand mark will change, and that the product specifications, parts numbers, etc. will remain the same.
Please contact us for full details regarding the change.
Thank you in advance for your continued custom of our film capacitors.

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List of series

Series Type Rated Voltage Range
Rated capacitance range
Temperature range Feature
TACE Radial Lead Type 250~1000 0.47~22 -40~+105 High vibration resistance (4 terminals)
TACD 250~1000 0.033~22 Downsizing
TACC 450~1000 1.0~18 Large capacitance
TACB 250~800 0.033~22 Standard
HACE 630~2000 0.18~1.5 High voltage, High vibration resistance (4 terminals)
HACD 630~4000 0.0033~1.5 High voltage, Down sizing
HACB 630~4000 0.001~1.2 High voltage, Standard

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