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There are three main mounting methods for capacitors. These are flow soldering (which is the most common), reflow soldering (which has become the mainstream in recent years), and press-fit (which does not use solder).


LC modules combine coils [L] and capacitors [C] into a modular package. They simplify board mounting and effectively reduce production costs.


During module design, we use computer aided engineering (CAE) to shorten the development time related to vibration resistance assessments and heat countermeasures.
Vibration resistance and heat assessments are incredibly important to the product lifetime of modules in which multiple components impact each other.

We evaluate the optimal module structure for customer requirements while given due consideration to part characteristics and differences.
We can provide designs that take into account factors such as voltage balance between elements, vibration resistance, and heat emission.

During module creation, we will propose the optimal joining method based on customer specifications. We take into account requirements such as large current compatibility or the need for high reliability, and propose methods such as soldering or welding onto the busbar.

Creating component modules for circuit board mounting effectively simplifies work procedures and reduces production costs.

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