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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a rubber seal, conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors, and conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are not subject to the MSL standards outlined by IPC/JEDEC.

Be careful of storage temperature, humidity, location, and environment as these can negatively impact electrical properties or the product performance of soldered lead lines.

Use a capacitor guaranteed for board cleaning and make sure that cleaning agent type and conditions are within the standards stipulated in the catalog or delivery specifications.

Our PSG series of conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors are used in the reference designs of evaluation boards for 12V/1200W high-frequency LLC converters produced by Transphorm.

The following is an explanation of the precautions associated with using aluminum electrolytic capacitors in devices that will be used at high-altitude, including in mountainous regions and on airplanes.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are products with polarity. These products cannot be used with a voltage or current that is the opposite direction of the polarity.

Unlike MLCC, aluminum electrolytic capacitors do not have bias properties and capacitance does not depend on the applied voltage value. This is a merit provided by aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have surge voltage ratings that exceed their rated voltage. Our rating of surge voltage is compliant with JIS standards.

Aluminum electrolytic and conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature a pressure valve to prevent dangerous ruptures in the event of an abnormal voltage or abnormal heat stress. Make sure to leave the specified amount of space above the capacitor to prevent any interference to pressure valve operation.

Typical aluminum electrolytic capacitors cannot be used on circuits that repeatedly charge and discharge.
We recommend you use product designed specifically for your intended purpose.

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