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Notes on Safety

  • Always read "Notes on Use" before using the product in order to enable you to use the product correctly and prevent any faults and accidents from occurring.
  • Request the Product Specification on the product of NIPPON CHEMI-CON CORPORATION to refer to it as well as this brochure prior to the order of the products. Some specific notes on use of the ordered product may be described in the specifications.
  • The products listed in this catalog are designed and manufactured for general electronics equipment use and are not intended for use in applications that can adversely affect human life; where the malfunction of equipment may cause damage to life or property. In addition, our products are not intended to be used in specific applications that may cause a major social impact. Please consult with us in advance of usage of our products in the following listed applications.
    • (1) Aerospace equipment
    • (2) Power generation equipment such as thermal power, nuclear power etc.
    • (3) Medical equipment
    • (4) Transport equipment (automobiles, trains, ships, etc.)
    • (5) Transportation control equipment
    • (6) Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment
    • (7) Highly publicized information processing equipment
    • (8) Submarine equipment
    • (9) Other applications that are not considered general-purpose applications.
  • The circuits described as examples in this catalog and the "delivery specifications" are featured in order to show the operations and usage of our products, however, this fact does not guarantee that the circuits are available to function in your equipment systems.
    We are not in any case responsible for any failures or damage caused by the use of information contained herein.
    You should examine our products, of which the characteristics are described in the "delivery specifications" and other documents, and determine whether or not our products suit your requirements according to the specifications of your equipment systems. Therefore, you bear final responsibility regarding the use of our products. Please make sure that you take appropriate safety measures such as use of redundant design and malfunction prevention measures in order to prevent fatal accidents and/or fires in the event any of our products malfunction.

If you have any questions or inquiries that do not apply to the above, please contact us at the following address.

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