[Inductor] FW Series | High Performance, Small Size, and Light Weight

Sep. 09, 2021

FW series The FW Series can be used for input/output noise filters and DC line noise filters.
Compared to the conventional "FL-V series", the magnetic permeability at 10kHz has improved by approximately 150%, while maintaining a high performance at 100kHz.
By reducing size, weight, and especially noise, the FW will upgrade your entire device.

Series FW
Inductance 3.5 to 38 mH, 10kHz
1.0 to 11.5 mH, 100kHz
Flammability and Insulation Type UL94V-0, Type B (130℃)
Rated Voltage 250 to 700 V
Rated Current 7 to 50 A
AEC-Q200 Compliant*1
*1 Some specifications are subject to change without notice. Please Contact Us for details.
Recommended Application
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Inverter Equipment
  • Automotive Equipment

Position of the Series
The FW Series have achieved high performance, small size and light weight by developing the world's finest high-magnetic permeability material.

●Comparison with Ferrite (Reference)
  Ferrite Coil FW Series  
  Downsizing example: The exchange of 2 Ferrite Coils with 1 Nanocrystalline Coil of the same size.  
We also recommend replacing nanocrystalline coils used in your devices, since the FW Series share the benefits of both conventional series "FL" and "FL-V".
Additionally, the impedance at 150kHz to 1MHz has improved.

●Comparison with Other Series (Reference)
  Impedance Characteristics(25℃)  
  Series Rated
Impedance[kΩ] Coil Dimensions[mm]  
  150kHz 500kHz 1MHz 10MHz D2 W  
  FL 25A 3.1 4.5 5.2 1.0 46typ. 27typ.  
  FL-V 2.3 3.6 4.9 4.3 39typ. 25typ.  
  FW 2.9 4.4 5.8 4.4  
  *Compared to the FL, the FL-V / FW Series are smaller.  
Key Technologies and Advantages
  • Countermeasure against heat
    Since the curie temperature (magnetic transition temperature) is at 570℃, the inductor’s characteristics are maintained even in high-temperature environments such as automotive applications.
  • Continuous operation 24 hours
    Advantages such as low resistance and low heat generation allow this item to be used in power sources for medical equipment, communication base stations, and industrial machines.
  • Space-saving
    The high-magnetic permeability material reduces the volume of the core and the number of copper wire turns. This contributes to reducing the size and weight of the entire set.

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