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Leaded Disk Metal Oxide Varistors V Series TND05V-241KB00AAA0

  • RoHS
  • Miniaturized
  • Capable of Withstanding Large Surge Currents.


The TNR V Series has higher capabillity of surge currents and energy.

Part Number TND05V-241KB00AAA0
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In Production
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Series V
Rated varistor voltage [V] 240 V
Varistor Voltage Range 216 ~ 264 V
Max. Clamping Voltage 415 V at 5 A
Max. Allowable Voltage AC 150 Vr.m.s.
DC 200 V
Short-time Operating Voltage (5 minutes) - Vdc
Max. Peak Current(8/20μs) 800 A/1 times
600 A/2 times
Max. Energy (2ms) 7.5 J
Rated Wattage 0.1 W
Applicable Temperature Range -40 ~ 85 ℃
Storage Temperature -50 ~ 125 ℃
Temperature Cycle -40 ℃ ⇔ 85 ℃ 5 cycles
Moisture Resistance 40 ℃ 90~95 % RH 1,000 hrs
Capacitance (Reference) 100 pF/1kHz
Metal Oxide -℃--V--A
Dimension D 7.5 mm
Dimension H 10 mm
Dimension T 4.6 mm
Dimension E - mm
Dimension L 20 mm
Dimension ⌀d 0.6±0.05 mm
Dimension W 5±1.0 mm
Dimension W2 (Reference) - mm
Dimension F -±0.8 mm
Element Dimensions ⌀5 mm
Reference Weight
This is a representing value calculated from a standard material composition.
Note that the reference weights are not considered as guaranteed value.
0.46 g
Standard Packaging Styles Bulk
Minimum Order Quantity
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3000 pcs/Box
Flame Resistance Grade UL94V-0
Terminal Coating Material Sn
Shelf Life/MSL 24 months (from delivery date)
RoHS Compliant
10 Restricted Substances
2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863
Please refer to AEC-Q 200 for details.

Recognized safety standards


Standards Title File No
UL1449 Surge Protective Devices E323623
CSA Type 5-Component Surge
Protective Devices(SPD)
VDE Varistor DIN EN 61051-1:2009-04
IEC 61051-1:2007-04
IEC 61051-2:1991-01
IEC 61051-2(ed.1);am1:2009-05
IEC 61051-2-2:1991-01
VDE Varistor DIN EN 61051-1:2009-04
IEC 61051-1:2007-04
IEC 61051-2:1991-01
IEC 61051-2(ed.1);am1:2009-05
IEC 61051-2-2:1991-01
IEC 62368-1:2014 G.8.2
CQC GB/T10193, GB/T10194 - (Country of origin: )
- (Country of origin: -)
CQC GB/T10193, GB/T10194
- (Country of origin: -)
- (Country of origin: -)
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