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1 Turn Structure Differential Mode a.k.a. Normal Mode Choke Coil SM Series LESM0301R5P2DV0E

  • AEC-Q200
  • RoHS


Low DC resistance since lead wire only passes through the core. The Iron-based Amorphous Core allows stable operation in high-temperature situations. Compatible with automotive. High safety and reliability standards since there are no layer-short circuits and the magnetic flux leakage is very small.

Part Number LESM0301R5P2DV0E
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In Production
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Series SM
Core Material Amorphous (Non-gap Type)
Core Abbreviation P2D
Applicable Temperature Range -40 ~ 150 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 150 ℃
Inductance 2.3 μH / 0 A, 20 kHz (Reference data)
1.3 μH / 30 A, 20 kHz (Reference data)
Inductance Tolerance - % / - %
Rated Current 30 A
Peak Current - A
D.C.R. 0.36 mΩmax.
Winding(mmφ - lines) ⌀2.0-1P Wire: Tinned Copper Wire – Plating material: Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu
Rated Voltage - V
Inductance Coefficient -- / -A, -kHz
-- / -A, -kHz
Rated Current Ampere Turn -AT
Magnetic Path Length -cm
Cross Sectional Area -cm²
Dimension D1 20mm
Dimension D2 11.3mm
Dimension W 21mm
Dimension l -mm
Dimension w -mm
Dimension h -mm
Dimension L 3.8mm
Dimension a -mm max.
Dimension ⌀D -mm
Dimension ⌀d -mm
Dimension D -mm
Dimension ⌀ID -mm
Dimension H -mm
Dimension W -mm
Dimension P1 -mm
Dimension P2 -mm
Dimension P3 -mm
Dimension P4 -mm
Dimension P5 -mm
Dimension h1 -
Dimension h2 -
Standard Mounting Direction Vertical
Case Type Parts Number
Both coating types (no case) and case types can be used.
Case types are recommended when the coils are used in a high-voltage circuit.
Please order case types with this parts number.
Insulation Type F
Flame Resistance UL94V-0
Reference Weight
This is a representing value calculated from a standard material composition.
Note that the reference weights are not considered as guaranteed value.
13 g
Minimum Order Quantity
This is the packing quantity for standard packing specifications.
280 pcs/Box
Shelf Life/MSL 12 months
RoHS Compliant
10 Restricted Substances
2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863
Please refer to AEC-Q 200 for details.

AEC-Q200(Automotive Standards)

About Inductor AEC-Q200 Compliance: If you are considering using this product for Automotive use, please contact our sales representative or agency.
We may ask you to change the specifications depending on the application.

Standard Mounting Direction


Mounting Direction No pedestal Pedestal without pins Pedestal with pins
Vertical LESM0301R5P2DV0E N/A N/A
Horizontal N/A N/A N/A

Even if it is not applicable (N/A), it may be applicable depending on the conditions. Please contact us.

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Part Numbering System

Part Numbering System

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