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Toroidal Common Mode (Single-phase) Choke Coil FL-V series LDFL036262V28V0E

  • RoHS
  • High Permeability


Compared to conventional coils, the inductance level has significantly improved, and a higher impedance level has been secured within a wide range of frequencies. WEB LIMITED ITEM. NEW PRODUCT. Item not in Catalog. Please contact us for details.

Part number LDFL036262V28V0E
In Production:Product is in mass production.
NRND:Not recommended for new design.
To be Discontinued:We are planning to discontinue production of this item.
Discontinued:Production of this product has stopped.
Under development :Products under development. Listed product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
In Production
Successor model -
Discontinued parts number
This is a discontinued part number system.
It may be described in safety standards, but please do not use it when ordering.
Series FL-V
Core material Nanocrystalline
Core abbreviation V28
Applicable temperature range -40 ~ 130 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ~ 130 ℃
Inductance 5.6 mH / - A, 10 kHz (Reference data)
2.6 mH / - A, 100 kHz (Reference data)
Inductance Tolerance - % / - %
Rated current 36 A
Peak Current - A
D.C.R. 2.5 mΩmax.
Winding(mmφ - lines) ⌀2.2-2P Wire: PEW – Plating material: Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu
Rated voltage 600 V
Inductance Coefficient -- / -A, -kHz
-- / -A, -kHz
Rated Current Ampere Turn -AT
Magnetic Path Length -cm
Cross Sectional Area -cm²
Dimention D1 53mm
Dimention D2 59.5mm
Dimention W 39mm
Dimention l -mm
Dimention w -mm
Dimention h -mm
Dimention L 20mm
Dimention a 1.5mm max.
Dimention ⌀D -mm
Dimention ⌀d -mm
Dimention D -mm
Dimention ⌀ID -mm
Dimention H -mm
Dimention W -mm
Dimention P1 -mm
Dimention P2 -mm
Dimention P3 -mm
Dimention P4 -mm
Dimention P5 -mm
Dimention h1 -
Dimention h2 -
Standard mounting direction Vertical
Case type parts number
Both coating types (no case) and case types can be used.
Case types are recommended when the coils are used in a high-voltage circuit.
Please order case types with this parts number.
Insulation Type B
Flame resistance UL94-0
Reference weight
This is a representing value calculated from a standard material composition.
Note that the reference weights are not considered as guaranteed value.
188 g
Minimum order quantity
This is the packing quantity for standard packing specifications.
48 pcs/Box
Shelf life/MSL 12 months
RoHS Compliant
10 Restricted Substances
2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863
Please refer to AEC-Q 200 for details.

Standard Mounting Direction


Mounting Direction No pedestal Pedestal without pins Pedestal with pins
Vertical LDFL036262V28V0E N/A N/A
Horizontal LDFL036262V28H0E N/A N/A

Even if it is not applicable (N/A), it may be applicable depending on the conditions. Please contact us.

Dimention [mm]


Part numbering system

Part numbering system

Characteristics data

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  • Impedance vs. Frequency Characteristics

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