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Thecnical Support tool for SPICE / S-parameters

Nippon Chemi-Con now provides SPICE models and S-parameters for circuit simulation. Please feel free to take advantage of these offers.

For automotive electronics circuit use SPICE models / S-parameters Update History

Conductive Polmer Hybrid Aluminum Elentrolytic capacitors

Surface Mount Type
2018/04/16Only one part of HXA series, HXB series, HXC series and HXD series
Radial Lead Type
2018/04/16HSC series, HSD series, HSE series

Conductive polymer Aluminum Solid capacitors

Surface Mount Type
2018/04/16Only one part of PXN series

Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors

Surface Mount Type
2018/04/16Only one part of MVH series, MHB series, MZR series
2018/06/29Added temperature characteristics SPICE models
Radial Lead Type
2018/04/16Only one part of GPA series, GPD series
2018/06/29Added temperature characteristics SPICE models

Amorphous coils

2018/04/16Only one part of SM series
2018/06/29Added new item , LESM0400R9P5DV0E

Spice Model Update History

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitor

【Surface Mount Type】
2010/04/01 133-Items
2012/07/11 24-Items added
2012/12/21 34-Items added
2013/02/01 136-Items ( ≦10WV) changed into RC-ladder 7 Elements Model
【Radial Lead Type】
2012/12/21 78-Items
2018/04/01 36-items discontinued (PS,PSA series)

Precautions for Use
1. The SPICE models provided are assumed to be used in OrCAD Capture/PSpice.
2. The SPICE models and S-parameters (hereinafter the "data") are not a guarantee of the product features.
3. To ensure safe and proper usage of each product, please examine the product by mounting and testing it at your own risk.
4. The data is subject to add, change, and remove without notice.
5. Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation is not responsible for any losses of any kind from use of this data.
6. The copyright of all the data belongs to Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation.
7. Please refrain from redistributing or copying the data.

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