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1931 Aug.Toshio Satoh successfully manufactures electrolytic capacitors for the first time in Japan. Starts "SATOH DENKI KOGYOSHO" as a limited partnership, and begins production.
1947 Aug.Company is reorganized; the name changes to "NIPPON CHEMICAL CAPACITOR INC."
1952 Sep.Osaka sales office opens.
1958 Sep.Completion of Ome new plant.
1963 May.Company adjusts Japanese spelling of its name.
1966 Apr.Miyagi plant (in city of Tajiri, Miyagi Prefecture) opens, for production of small electrolytic capacitors.
1966 Jun.Establish HITACHI ELECTROLYTIC FOIL LABORATORY INC. currently KDK CORP., in city of Takahagi, Ibaraki Prefecture).
1969 Mar.Iwate plant (in city of Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture) opens, for mass production of small electrolytic capacitors.
1970 Jun.UNITED CHEMI-CON, INC., a U.S.-based corporation for overseas sales, is established.
1970 Sep. Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, second section.
1971 Jan.Nagoya sales office opens.
1972 Sep.SAMYOUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is established as a joint venture, in South Korea
1975 Feb.SINGAPORE CHEMI-CON (PTE.) LTD., a Singapore-based corporation, is established.
1976 Jun.FUKUSHIMA CHEMI-CON INC.(currently Fukushima plant) is established in the town of Yabuki, Fukushima Prefecture, to support increased production of large electrolytic capacitors.
1977 Feb.EUROPE CHEMI-CON (DEUTSCHLAND) GmbH, a European-based corporation for over seas sales, is established.
1977 Sep.Listed in first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1977 Oct.Saitama sales office opens.
1979 Apr.TAIWAN CHEMI-CON CORP., a Taiwan-based corporation, is established.
1980 Sep.Establishment of ASIA CHEMI-CON COMPANY LTD. (now HONG KONG CHEMI-CON LTD.) in Hong Kong.
1981 Jul.Company name is changed to NIPPON CHEMI-CON CORP.
1982 Jul.Utsunomiya sales office opens.
1983 Oct.Established CHEMI-CON PRECISION DEVICES CORP. (in city of Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture) to produce components for precision mechanisms.
1984 Sep.Ibaraki sales office opens.
1986 Apr.Establishment of IWATE ERECTRONICS CORP.(in city of kitakami,Iwate prefe cture)to produce hybrid IC(currently operating for design and production ofamorphous choke coil.)
1988 Apr.Kanagawa sales office opens.
1989 Nov.Nagano sales office opens.
1990 Oct.Sendai sales office opens.
1990 Dec. KDK CORP. Niigata Plant (now Nippon CHEMI-CON Niigata Plant in Kita-Kanbara, Niigata Prefecture) starts its production.
1992 Feb.Fukuoka sales office opens.
1992 Jun.Established UNITED CHEMI-CON MANUFACTURING, INC.(now UNITED CHEMI-CON INC.) in U.S. to serve as local production base for electrolytic capacitors.
1993 Jan.P.T. INDONESIA CHEMI-CON is established, for production of electrolytic capacitors.
1995 Apr.Purchase stake in MARCON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. ( in city of Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture) to help expand Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Division and to support exploration of Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors and other new technologies.
1997 Apr.Hokuriku sales office opens.
1997 Apr. Purchase the magnetic-materials group of MITSUI PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. (now MITSUI CHEMICALS,LTD.).
1998 May.Establishment of SHANGHAI CHEMI-CON TRADING CO., a China-based corporation.
1999 Apr.Establishment of sales division in KDK CORP. (Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo) for sales of electrolytic foils.
1999 Oct.Merger of the processing division of KDK CORP., established in 1966 as a dedicated foil processing company for electrolytic foils, to strengthen technical decelopment capabilities of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.
2000 Apr.Established CHEMI-CON LABORATORY in U.S. for basic laboratory.
2000 Oct.Established YAMAGATA ELECTRONICS CORP. (Higashi Okitama-gun, Yamagata)
2001 Apr.Increased the capital to NICHIJU MARCON CO., LTD. for the purpose of increasing the production of chemical foil, and changed the firm name to IWATE ELECTROLYTIC INDUSTRY CORP.
2002 Jan.HIDAKA ELECTRON CO., LTD(in Samani-gun, Hokkaido) starts electrolytic foil and chemical business through joint venture with Nippon Denko.
2002 Aug.Start production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor at CHEMI-CON (WUXI) CO., LTD., a China-based corporation.
2003 Apr.Establishment of CHEMI-CON ELECTRONICS (THAILAND) CO. LTD. as a Thailand-based corporation.
2003 Apr.Opening of SHANGHAI CHEMI-CON TRADING CO., LTD., Dailian Office as a business base in Dalian, China.
2003 Nov.Establishment of CHEMI-CON KOREA CORP.(Currently CHEMI-CON ELECTRONICS (KOREA) CO., LTD.) in South Korea.
2004 Jul.Relocates Nippon Chemi-Con head office from Ome, Tokyo to Shinagawa, Tokyo.
2004 Sep.Establishment of a merged company, CU Tech CORP. in South Korea.
2005 Jul.Keiji Sales Office opens.
2008 Apr. Establishment of CHEMI-CON TRADING(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD. in China.
2009 Jul. Establishment of CHEMI-CON ENGINEERING CO.,LTD in Taiwan.
2012 Jun. CHEMI-CON TECHNICAL CENTER (WUXI) LTD. established as a R&D base in China.
2016 Feb. CHEMI-CON AMERICAS HOLDINGS, INC. established as a regional headquarters in the United States.

A product from SATOH DENKI KOGYOSHO days (around 1943 to 1945)

A micro electrolytic capacitor installed in the first model of transistor radio (produced in 1955)

HITACHI ELECTROLYTIC FOIL LABORATORY soon after the construction (currently Takahagi Plant)




Introduced conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors (1998)


Nippon Chemi-Con Head Office (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Started production of conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors in TAIWAN CHEMI-CON CORP. (2007)