[Al-cap] KVB Series | Snap-in type 105℃3000hrs. AEC-Q200 compliant for OBC

Jul. 21, 2022

KVB seriesKVB series is designed with enhanced vibration performance and we have achieved “AEC-Q200 compliant” for snap-in capacitors. KVB series is suitable for PFC output filter of OBC that is one of the key components of electric vehicle such as BEV or PHEV glowing rapidly in the automotive market.
Endurance is 105℃3,000hrs.
You could also select KVA series (105℃2,000hrs) or LVA Series (105℃5,000hrs) to meet your application life time.

Series KVB
Endurance 105℃ 3,000hrs. (with ripple)
Voltage 450Vdc
Capacitance 150 〜 920µF
Size ⌀25.4×25L 〜 ⌀35×60L
Vibration Frequency: 10〜2,000Hz(20min./cycle)
Acceleration: 5G
Direction: X,Y,Z 4hrs. each (Total 12hrs.)
(Fix capacitor with mounting tool)
AEC-Q200 Compliant
Recommended Applications
  • For Automotive OBC (On Board Charger)
  • PFC circuit
  • High reliability required applications

Position of the series
KVB series has improved robustness and vibration capability of the standard KMS series to satisfy the automotive requirement and achieved almost same performance as KMS series.
KMM Series
(105℃ Downsizing)
KMS Series
(105℃ Super downsizing)
KVB Series
(105℃ AEC-Q200 compliant)
450V ⌀30×50L
  • Capacitance: 330µF
  • Endurance: 105℃3,000hrs.
  • Ripple current: 1,450mArms
450V ⌀30×50L
  • Capacitance: 390µF
  • Endurance: 105℃3,000hrs.
  • Ripple current: 1,730mArms
450V ⌀30×50L
  • Capacitance: 560µF
  • Endurance: 105℃3,000hrs.
  • Ripple current: 2,040mArms

Key Technology and Benefit
With enhanced vibration structure, KVB series can be used safely for automotive application.
Standard can case Thicker bottom can case

Optimized Can Case Structure and Improved fixation

Frequency: 10~55Hz (1min./cycle)
Acceleraton: 10G max. (0.75mm)
Direction: X,Y,Z 2hrs. each (Total 6hrs.)
Others: Fix capacitor with fixture tool.
Frequency: 10~2,000Hz(20min./cycle)
Acceleration: 5G
Direction: X,Y,Z 4hrs. each (Total 12hrs.)
Others: Fix capacitor with fixture tool.


Proposal for OBC related products

For OBC application, we have variety of products line up except KVB series.
Interleaved PFC

Electric vehicles are becoming part of the social infrastructure. Their key component, the bidirectional OBC (on-board charger), is expected to play an active role in standard home in the event of power outages due to disasters. The technical challenge is to realize a compact and lightweight OBC. Nippon Chemi-Con contributes to the downsizing and weight reduction of your application with our new generation of common mode coils, nonflammable Varistors, AEC-Q200 compliant aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and metal cap MLCC for DC-DC converters.

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