[Hybrid] HXU Series | The world's first Ultimate Structure. AEC-Q200 compliant.

Oct. 16, 2021

KXQ seriesIn recent years, the automotive electronics market has required high heat resistance, long life, and high vibration resistance, while the communications and industrial equipment markets have required high reliability and long life to achieve high environment resistance.

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed HXU series adopted new generation platform Ultimate StructureTM. to achieve high  environment resistance.

Series HXU
Endurance 135℃ 8,000hrs (with ripple current)
Voltage 25 〜 63Vdc
Capacitance 82 〜 330µF
Size ⌀10×10L
40G (10~2kHz X,Y,Z 2hrs each)*1
*1: with vibration resistant structure
AEC-Q200 Compliant
Recommended Application
  • Automotive electronics(DC-Link)
  • Power supply for Base station(Infrastructure)
  • Other high temp, long-life or high vibration resistance required conditions.
Position of the Series
HXU has adopted Ultimate StructureTM., lifetime of hybrid capacitor has drastically increased.
In addition, with vibration resistant structure, we guaranteed vibration resistance of 40G.

[Comparison by Series: 35Vdc, φ10×10L]
  HXU Series HXE Series HXF Series
Capacitance 330µF 270µF 270µF
(135℃ DC)
8,000 hrs 4,000 hrs 4,000 hrs
Rated Ripple Current
3,300mArms 2,000mArms 3,300mArms
(with vibration resistant structure )
40G 30G 30G
  • Lifetime

  • Vibration resistance

Furthermore, HXU has higher heat resistance for reflow than conventional products.
  • Comparison by reflow profile

    Series Size Time maintained Peak Temp. Reflow number
    Above 217℃ Above 230℃
    HXU 10×10L 50 sec max. 40 sec max. 260℃ 2 times
    245℃ 3 times
    HXF 10×10L 50 sec max. 40 sec max. 260℃ 1 times
    245℃ 2 times
Key Technologies and Advantage
  • Ultimate StructureTM. Sealing by Resin and Rubber*1
    The composite sealing technology is suppressed electrolyte evaporation which is cause of deterioration the electrical characteristics of aluminum electroritic capacitors.
    *1: Patent pending
  • New structure
    With combination of patent pending sealing technology and vibration resistant structure, we achieved high vibration resistance ever.


HXU series

Ultimate StructureTM. Related Item
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Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Lineup
Other than HXU series, Nippon Chemi-Con has wide range line-up of 16v to 80v Hybrid capacitors.
Please consider for applications such as automotive, base station and industrial equipment.  

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