[Al-cap] MHU series that realized longer lifetime and high vibration resistance. AEC-Q200 compliant.

Oct. 16, 2021

MHUCar sharing is a major factor in the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) .
With car sharing become widely used, we are expecting the car will be using under more severe environments in the future.
 In addition, Infrastructure such as 5G base station is also required longer lifetime in high temperature.
Nippon Chemi-Con has developed aluminum electrolytic capacitor SMD type with new generation platform in order to achieve endurance for severe conditions.

Series MHU
Endurance 125℃ 5,000hrs
Voltage 35Vdc
Capacitance 330µF
Size ⌀10×10L
Vibration 40G (10~2kHz X,Y,Z each 2hrs)
*with vibration resistance structure
AEC-Q200 Compliant

Recommended Application
・Automotive ECUs
・Power supply for infrastructure
・Others, for High temperature / Longer life / high vibration.
Position of this series.
The MHU series has achieved longer life and higher vibration resistance without loss of electrical characteristics.
Voltage: 35Vdc
Size: ⌀10×10L
MVH Series MHL Series MHU Series
Capacitance 220µF 330µF 330µF
Endurance (105℃DC) 2,00hrs 4,000hrs 5,000hrs
Rated Ripple Current (100kHz) 296mA r.m.s. 440mA r.m.s. 330mA r.m.s.
(With vibration resistance structure)
30G 30G 40G
  • Comparison by capacitance change (Endurance @ 125℃
Capacitance change
  • Comparison by Guaranteed Vibration resistance
  • Comparison by soldering condition
reflow profile
Series Size(mm) Voltage
Time maintained Peak Temp. Reflow Number
Over 217℃ Over 230℃
MHU ⌀10×10L 35 Within 90 sec. Within 60 sec. 260℃ 1-cycle only
Within 60 sec. Within 30 sec. 245℃ 2-cycles allowed
Conventional ⌀10×10L 6.3〜50 Within 60 sec. Within 30 sec. 245℃ 2-cycles allowed

Key Technologies and Advantage
  • Sealing by Resin*1
    Evaporation of electrolyte is a main degradation factor of aluminum electrolytic capacitors,
    The electrolyte evaporation can be suppressed by new sealing method using rubber and resin.
    *1: Patent Pending.
  • New structure
    Realized innovative high vibration resistance with using vibration resistance base plate and sealing by rubber and resin.
Structure compare

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For High ripple current requirements (HXU series)

Other than the MHU series, Nippon Chemi-Con has developed other product using this technology.

HXU series is one of the products which realized low ESR and high ripple current as well as long life and high vibration resistance by taking advantage of Conductive polymer hybrid Aluminum electrolytic capacitors .This series can be meet requirement such as high ripple currents and low ESR from 12V/48V integrated inverter.
  • Feature HXU series (under development)
Series HXU
Endurance 125℃/135℃ 8,000hrs (With ripple current)
Voltage 25〜63Vdc
Capacitance 82µF〜330µF
Size ⌀10×10L
Vibration 40G (10~2kHz X,Y,Z 2hour each)
AEC-Q200 Compliant
*HXU Series is under development.
 Product specifications in this HXU series are subject to change without notice.
 Request our product specifications before purchase and/or use.