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85℃ Screw Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors U37X Series E37X451CPN392MDE3U

  • RoHS
  • Long Life
  • High Ripple
  • Industrial Equipment Inverter etc


Part Number E37X451CPN392MDE3U
In Production:Product is in mass production.
NRND:Not recommended for new design.
To be Discontinued:We are planning to discontinue production of this item.
Discontinued:Production of this product has stopped.
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In Production
Successor Model -
Series U37X
Polarity Polar
Category Temperature Range -40~85 ℃
Temperature Characteristics, Case Code (inch/mm) -
Rated Voltage 450 Vdc
Capacitance 3900 µF
Capacitance Tolerance -20~20%(M) / 25℃, 120Hz
Internal Resistance (Typ.)
Internal Resistance (Max.)
Dimensions ⌀ D 63.5mm
Dimensions H mm
Dimensions L 143mm
Rated Ripple Current 12600mArms / 85℃ / 120Hz
15100mArms / 85℃ / 300Hz
Rated Ripple Voltage - Vac / -Hz
Leakage Current 5000 μA max / 25℃, after 5 minutes
Dissipation Factor (tanδ) 25℃, 120Hz
Max. Charging and Discharging Current - Arms / -Hz
Number of Charging/Discharging Cycles - × 104 times
Endurance Temperature/Time/Overload 85℃ / 15000hrs / DC+Ripple
Shelf Life Temperature/Time -℃ / 500hrs
Terminal Coating -
Elements -
Reference Weight
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Minimum Order Quantity
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- pcs
RoHS Compliant
10 Restricted Substances
2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863
Please refer to AEC-Q 200 for details.

Rated Ripple Current Multipliers


Frequency Multipliers
Frequency [Hz]501203001k3k10k

Dimension [mm]


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