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Analog NTSC output Camera Module NCM03-BCW


NCM03-BCW is a CMOS camera module equipped with a signal processing LSI and a lens.
It has vertical 648 pixels, horizontal 488 pixels via 1/3.7 inch sensor Signal output format NTSC

  • Waterproof compatible
  • Wide angle plastic lens mounted
  • Interlaced NTSC output
  • Self-sustaining start-up

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Product Information

Image sensor 1/3.7 inch optical format
Active pixels 672(H)×492(V)
Output pixels (NTSC) 648(H)×488(V)
Functions Auto exposure control、Auto white balance、Auto Gain Control
Angle of view(TYP) Horizontal137°±3% Vertical111°±3%
Optical Filter IRCF
F number F2.2(typ)
Imaging range 400mm~∞
Power Consumption 47mA(Vin=7.6V)
Waterproof ・Dustproof Waterproof IP67

Recommended operating conditions

No. Project Min Recommended Max Unit Remarks
1 Power supply voltage 6 8 12 V  
2 Operating temperature -30 - 80  
3 Storage temperature -40 - 85  
4 Humidity - - 85 %RH  
5 Static electricity -8 - 8 kV  
6 Vibration - - 2,5G 30Hz -  

Absolute maximum rating

No. Project Min Max Unit Remarks
1 Power supply voltage - 12.0 V  

Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

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