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Lineup for Electric Power Steering


Noise suppression Choke Coil
DM series Downsizing, Low loss (Sendust)
SM series High reliability, 150℃
Super small D.C. resistance (Amorphous)
TM series Downsizing, Small D.C. resistance (Amorphous)
Noise suppression Radial-lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
GPD series High temperature, Long life, High ripple 135℃ 2,000~3,000h
SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
NTF series 125℃、X7R
KVF series 150℃ High temperature, X8L
Radial-lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
NTD series 125℃、X7R
KVD series 150℃ High temperature, X8L

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