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Lineup for Motor Drive Inverter


Snap-in Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
KMT series High ripple 105℃ 3,000h
LXS series Long life, High ripple 105℃ 5,000h
LHS series Downsizing from LXS series
Screw Terminal Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
RWH series High ripple, High capacitance 85℃ 5,000h
LXA series Long life, High capacitance 105℃ 2,000~5,000h
Film Capacitors
TACE series Large-current
HACE series Large-current, High voltage
TACD series Downsizing
HACD series High voltage
Radial-lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
NTD series 125℃、X7R
Metal Cap Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
NTJ series 125℃、X7R

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