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Lineup for LED lighting


Radial-lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
KXJ Series Long life 105℃ 8,000~12,000h
KXL Series Downsizing from KXJ Series
KXF Series Longer life than KXE Series 105℃ 15,000~20,000h
Radial-lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
NTD Series 125℃、X7R
Metal Cap Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
NTJ Series 125℃、X7R
Output smoothing Radial-lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
KZN Series Long life, High ripple 105℃ 6,000~10,000h
KYB Series Long life, High ripple 105℃ 4,000~10,000h

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