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VGA color camera module with built-in ISP NCM03-ZB


NCM03-ZB is a VGA color camera module with built-in ISP.
It has vertical 480 pixels, horizontal 640 pixels via 1/4 inch sensor.
Low power consumption, good color reproducibility by primary color filter, downsizing.

  • Compact all-in-one package
  • NTSC output
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Waterproof IP67

Product Information

Image Sensor 1/4 inch optical format
Active Pixels 648(H) x 490(V)
Image Area 3.63mm(H) x 2.75mm(V)
Functions Auto exposure control、Auto white balance、Auto Gain Control、Auto flicker detection、Image mirroring (flipping up/down, left/right)
Angle of View(Typ.) Horizontal132°Vertical104°Diagonally164°
Optical Filter IRCF
F Number F2.0
Imaging Range 40cm ~ ∞
TV distortion(Typ.) -17.80%
Power Consumption(Typ.) 0.5mW

Product characteristics

Operating voltage 6.0V~12.0V
Operating Temperature -30℃~+80℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃

Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

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