SMD Type Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors Expanding the PXG Series of products

Aug. 22, 2023

Press Release

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation
July 14, 2023

Nippon Chemi-Con added high-capacitance items to expand the product line for the PXG Series of SMD type conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors. We expanded its lineup of products with a rated voltage of 25Vdc by adding products that achieve roughly 20% to 40% higher capacitance compared to existing products of the same size.

The continued trend of downsizing and slimming for computers and servers means that size reductions and space saving must be achieved for the PSU sets that supply power. There is also increased demand for higher efficiency. To meet these demands, conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors are increasingly being used on the output side of the PSU.
In response to these market trends, we added high-capacitance items to the existing PXG Series products with a rated voltage of 25Vdc, which we developed for use in PSU devices. We contribute to device size reduction and board space savings by reducing the number of output smoothing capacitors.
Technical Features
We achieved higher capacitance for products with a rated voltage of 25Vdc by applying technology for uniformly forming a conductive polymer on a new high-capacity electrode foil with a wider surface area than existing products.
Samples and Mass Production 
  • Samples: available
  • Mass production: available
Production Site
Chemi-Con East Japan Corp. Miyagi Plant
Main Specifications
  • Category temperature range: -55°C to +105°C
  • Endurance: 3,000 to 15,000 hours at 25Vdc105°C
Specifications of Newly Added Products
Series Rated voltage
Case size
Equivalent series resistance (ESR)
[mΩ max]
(20℃, 100k to 300kHz)
Rated ripple current
(105℃, 100kHz)
PXG 25 27 ⌀6.3×4.4 45 2,350
68 ⌀6.3×5.8 30 2,800
120 ⌀6.3×7.7 28 2,800
150 ⌀8×7.7 28 3,000
180 ⌀10×7.7 25 3,400
Product Appearance
   PXG Series