KHU/LHU Series of Snap-in Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with Increased Voltage and size Ranges - Selection of new sizes at heights of 65mm and above (65/70/75/80L)

Aug. 22, 2023

Press Release

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation
July 14, 2023

Nippon Chemi-Con announces it has developed new voltage ranges (400V to 450V) and new sizes (⌀30×65L to ⌀35×80Lmm) to expand the production selection of the KHU Series (guaranteed for 3,000 hours at 105°C) and the LHU Series (guaranteed for 5,000 hours at 105°C) of snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are for power supply input smoothing and contribute to reduced size and increased endurance for switching PSU and general use invertors.
Snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mainly used in the smoothing circuits of devices such as switching PSU. In recent years, the market has seen increased demand for higher capacitance for large-sized products used in server PSU due to an increase in designs that use single product with a height of 65mm or more that is horizontally positioned and that use mainly 450V. We have worked to develop products that respond to the demands of these PSU devices.
For the voltage range (added 400V to 450V), we have achieved increased endurance (3,000 to 5,000 hours guaranteed) without any significant changes in product characteristics compared to the KHE Series, the existing product that is guaranteed for 2,000 hours at 105°C.
We also are planning to add the size range of 65L to 80Lmm to our catalog. This surpasses the catalog standard size and represents the first time these sizes will be added to a catalog in our industry.

[KHU/LHU Performance Comparison with Existing KHE Series]
Table figures: Capacitance (μF, 20°C, 120Hz) / Rated ripple current (Arms 105°C, 120Hz)
Rated voltage Case size KHE Series KHU Series LHU Series
2,000 hours at 105°C 3,000 hours at 105°C 5,000 hours at 105°C
450V ⌀30×60L 1,000 / 2.83  940 / 2.76  940 / 2.76
⌀30×70L - 1,080 / 3.06 1,080 / 3.06
⌀30×80L - 1,230 / 3.38 1,230 / 3.38
⌀35×60L 1,290 / 2.92 1,260 / 2.88 1,260 / 2.88
⌀35×70L - 1,410 / 3.16 1,410 / 3.16
⌀35×80L - 1,650 / 3.54 1,650 / 3.54
Technical Features
  • Increased voltage range: We extended the product lifetime through the optimal selection of high-capacitance electrode foil developed in-house.
  • Increased size range: We achieved higher reliability (increased vibration resistance) by optimizing the element structure.
Specifications of Newly Added Products
KHU Series (Endurance: Guaranteed for 3,000 hours at 105°C)
Rated voltage range 400V to 450V 475V to 500V
Category temperature range ‐40°C to +105°C
Case size ⌀25.4×25L to ⌀35×80L*1 ⌀30×65L to ⌀35×80L
Capacitance range 200μF to 1,910μF 680μF to 1,290μF
*1) ⌀25.4 excludes 65L and above
LHU Series (Endurance: Guaranteed for 5,000 hours at 105°C)
Rated voltage range 400V to 450V 475V to 500V
Category temperature range ‐40°C to +105°C
Case size ⌀25.4×25L to ⌀35×80L*2 ⌀30×65L to ⌀35×80L
Capacitance range 390μF to 1,910μF 650μF to 1,220μF
*2) 25 to 35L and 65L and above for ⌀25.4, ⌀30 excludes 25L
Samples and Mass Production
  • Samples: June 2023
  • Mass production: October 2023
Production Site
Chemi-Con East Japan Corp. Fukushima Plant
Product Appearance
LHU Series1 LHU Series2