[Al-cap] KXN Series | Realized highest-level capacitance , higher ripple current capability and long-life

Oct. 16, 2021

KXN SeriesPower supply equipment that required for all electronic devices is continued evolving to smaller size and higher reliability. Radial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitor KZN Series has developed to support evolution for electric power supply.
KZN Series is realized more than 105℃10,000hrs endurance with higher ripple current and highest-level capacitance.


Series KXN
Endurance 105℃10,000/12,000hrs (With ripple)
Voltage 350 ~ 450Vdc
Capacitance 15 〜 330µF
Size ⌀10×16L 〜 ⌀18×50L
Recommended Applications
  • General switching power supply
  • AC/DC Adaptor, Charger
  • Infrastructure power supply
  • PFC circuit
Position of the Series
Compared to conventional series, KXN Series can be offer more than double*1 lifetime.
*1: Max lifetime keeps 15 years.
      This does not apply when calc result is reached max life of 15 years.
      Calculation result is depending on conditions. For the details, please check with using lifetime calculation formula.

Compared to conventional series, KXN Series is realized significantly higher capacitance and higher ripple current capability.
[Comparison by Series: 450Vdc, φ18×25L]
  KXJ Series KXL Series KXN Series
Capacitance 56µF 82µF 100µF
(105℃ With Ripple)
12,000 hrs 12,000 hrs 12,000 hrs
Rated Ripple Current

560mAr.m.s. 640mAr.m.s. 760mAr.m.s.
Key Technology and Benefits
  • Increased anode foil capacitance
    Adopt newest high-capacitance anode foil.
  • Expanded foil area.
    Achieved expanded foil surface area using with newest technology.


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