[Al-cap] KHE Series | Realized world’s highest level of capacitance

Oct. 16, 2021

KHE SeriesWe expected increasing output power of power supply for server due to spread the 5G high speed communication. Nippon Chemi-Con has upgraded snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor KHE Series which achieved world’s highest capacitance*1 to support increasing power supply output
KHE Series which has endurance 105℃2,000hour realized 450V1,000uF with one pcs using with D30X60L size instead of D30X45L size X 2pcs capacitor of KMW Series.

*1: at Endurance 105℃2,000hrs (July-2021, our research)

Series KHE
Endurance 105℃ 2000hrs (With Ripple)
Voltage 400 〜 450Vdc
Capacitance 200 〜 1,300µF
Size ⌀25.4×25L 〜 ⌀35×60L
*Due to this upgrade release, conventional line up of KHE Series has been removed from catalog.
  Please refer the latest catalog information when considering KHE Series.
Recommended Applications
  • General switching power supply
  • Power supply for server / Infrastructure
  • Inverter power supply

Position of the Series
KHE Series which realized world’s highest level of capacitance, contribute to reduce number of capacitors and downsizing of equipment.
KHE series comparison at height KHE series comparison at diameter
KHE series reduced number

[Comparison by Series : 450Vdc, φ35×50L]
  KMR Series KMW Series KHE Series
Capacitance 680µF 820µF 1,040µF
(105℃ With Ripple)
2,000hrs 2,000hrs 2,000hrs
Rated Ripple Current
2,360 mArms 2,420 mArms 2,580 mArms
Key Technology and Benefits
  • Adopt high capacitance aluminum foil.
  • Adopt thin and high density separator paper.
  • Improved stability of electrolyte.

Aluminum Foil E-Cap element



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