[Al-cap] Realized world’s highest level of capacitance | KHE Series

Jul. 19, 2021

KHE SeriesWe expected increasing output power of power supply for server due to spread the 5G high speed communication. Nippon Chemi-Con has upgraded snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor KHE Series which achieved world’s highest capacitance*1 to support increasing power supply output
KHE Series which has endurance 105℃2,000hour realized 450V1,000uF with one pcs using with D30X60L size instead of D30X45L size X 2pcs capacitor of KMW Series.

*1: at Endurance 105℃2,000hrs (July-2021, our research)

Series KHE
Endurance 105℃ 2000hrs (With Ripple)
Voltage 400 〜 450Vdc
Capacitance 200 〜 1,300µF
Size ⌀25.4×25L 〜 ⌀35×60L
*Due to this upgrade release, conventional line up of KHE Series has been removed from catalog.
  Please refer the latest catalog information when considering KHE Series.
Recommended Applications
  • General switching power supply
  • Power supply for server / Infrastructure
  • Inverter power supply

Position of the Series
KHE Series which realized world’s highest level of capacitance, contribute to reduce number of capacitors and downsizing of equipment.

[Comparison by Series : 450Vdc, φ35×50L]
  KMR Series KMW Series KHE Series
Capacitance 680µF 820µF 1,040µF
(105℃ With Ripple)
2,000hrs 2,000hrs 2,000hrs
Rated Ripple Current
2,360mAr.m.s. 2,420mAr.m.s. 2,580mAr.m.s.
Key Technology and Benefits
  • Adopt high capacitance aluminum foil.
  • Adopt thin and high density separator paper.
  • Improved stability of electrolyte.

E-Cap element



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