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105℃ Radial Lead Type Film Capacitors HACB Series FHACB3B2V822JLLQZ0

  • High Voltage
  • Large Current
  • Operating temperature 105℃ max.

Product Information

Short-time Operating Voltage
Part Number FHACB3B2V822JLLQZ0
Status In Production
Successor Model -
Series HACB
Polarity Non-polar
Category Temperature Range -40~105 ℃
Temperature Characteristics, Case Code (inch/mm) -
Rated Voltage 3150 Vdc
Capacitance 0.0082 μF
Capacitance Tolerance -5~5%(J) / 1000Hz
Internal Resistance (Typ.)
Internal Resistance (Max.)
Dimensions W 34.7mm
Dimensions H 15mm
Dimensions T 14.3mm
Rated Ripple Current 3.44Arms / 85℃ / 100kHz
Rated Ripple Voltage 920 Vac / 50/60Hz
Leakage Current -
Dissipation Factor (tanδ) 0.05 max / 1000Hz
Max. Charging and Discharging Current - Arms / -Hz
Number of Charging/Discharging Cycles - × 104 times
Endurance Temperature/Time/Overload -
Shelf Life Temperature/Time -℃ / -hrs
Terminal Coating Sn
Elements -
Reference Weight 8g
Minimum Order Quantity 400 pcs
RoHS Compliant Compliant
AEC-Q200 -

Dimension [mm]


Part Numbering System

Part Numbering System