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360Kpixels (HDR) Global Shutter Camera Module NCM03-CB


NCM03-CB is a global shutter type color camera module.
It has horizontal752 pixels, Vertical 480 pixels via 1/3 inch sensor.
This camera module is ideal as an image input device for machine vision. (e.g. Mobile Observation, Factory Automation, and Industrial Robots)

  • Compact all-in-one package
  • 360K pixels digital output, 60fps at full resolution
  • Global Shutter
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range) provides excellent imaging performance under various illumination environments
  • Standby-mode available
  • Universal Serial Bus Control
  • Power Consumption(Typ.) 50[mA]

Product Information

Optical Format 1/3 inch optical format
Active Pixels 752(H) x 480(V)
Image transfer rate Max 60fps (Full resolution)
Scan mode Progressive or interlaced
Shutter Global shutter
Sensitivity 4.8V/Lux-Sec(550nm)
Dynamic range >55dB: linear mode >100dB: HDR mode
Digital output RAW 10bit Parallel
Image format WVGA(752x480),QVGA(320x240),CIF(352x288),QCIF(176x144)
Automatic control function Auto exposure control
Auto Gain Control 50/60Hz flicker cancellation
flipping up/down, left/right
Structure 2Grass 3Plastic
F Number 2.4
Angle of view(Actual measurement value) 98.2(D) / 86.6(H) / 64.0(V) (Conditions:image size640x480)
Imaging Range 40cm~∞
IRCF Cut-off 650nm(50%)
TV distortion -10.80%


Dimension [mm]

Dimension [mm]

Please attach thermal conducting sheet etc. on the connector side of the module to dissipate the heat

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