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Part Number Search Function Tips

Part numbers in the catalog are 18 digits long.
Product Search allows searching for partial matches. If there are no results when entering all 18 digits, try searching by the series name or just a portion of the part number.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Search Tips
  1. Search by two or three digits of the series name.
  2. Search by the first 17 digits, excluding the single-digit design code at the end.
    To support environmental regulations, the last digit may differ depending on the date or specifications even for the same product.
  3. Change the terminal code (digits 8 through 10) to the catalog standard.
    SMD Type Change digits 8 through 10 to ARA*
    Former standard: EMVE250ADA471MJA0G (paper reel)
    Current standard: EMVE250ARA471MJA0G (plastic reel)
    *Only the MHB series has ATR (tray type).
    Radial Lead Type Change digits 8 through 10 to ELL
    Snap-in Type Change digits 8 through 10 to VSN
    Change to LIN only for the KLA/RLA/RLB series
    Screw Terminal Type Change digits 8 through 10 to LGB or LGC
    See "Part Numbering System" for details.
Products Subject to Series Consolidation
These will not be shown in the search results. See "Standardization and Obsoleted Products" for details.
Product series which are not included in the current catalog and are not listed above have already been discontinued.
Products With CST/CSH for Digits 2 Through 4 of the Part Number
This indicates individual specification products (custom products).
As these are exclusive products for specific customers, we will not disclose detailed specifications or product statuses, nor comply with requests for substitute products.
Former Part Number System
See page 7 of "Part Numbering System" for details.
The current 18-digit part number system has been in use since 2004.

If you have any questions or inquiries that do not apply to the above, please contact us at the following address.

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