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Screw Terminal Type Supercapacitors Mounting Method

Pay attention to the following points when using or designing board mounting for supercapacitors screw terminal cells.
  1. Make sure that the terminals are facing upwards when using screw terminal cells or modules, except for products that support horizontal mounting.
    If installed facing downwards or sideways, the electrolyte inside supercapacitors may block the pressure valve, and spray out when the pressure valve operates (opens). This can lead to defects, such as the product not fulfilling its guaranteed service life. For this reason, downward or sideways mounting should be forbidden. Moreover, when installed horizontally, stay within the horizontal mounting limits and ensure the valve is on the upper side.

    EDLC Horizontal

  2. During transport and handling, make sure the seal plate is facing upwards. If it faces downward, even temporarily, it may not be able to fulfill its guaranteed service life.
  3. Ensure there is space above the pressure valve on supercapacitors.
  4. Avoid placing wire or circuit patterns above the pressure valve or between the terminals of the cathode and anode of supercapacitors.
  5. Avoid placing components that generate heat near supercapacitors.
  6. To ensure dielectric withstand voltage, pay attention to the spacing of the capacitor case, cathode terminal, anode terminal, circuit pattern, and housing during design.

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