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Silicon Wafer Processing

Semiconductor equipment and chemicals manufacturers use wafers that have been subject to film deposition, patterning, and dicing, to evaluate performance.

Manufacturers of pre-process semiconductor production equipment, and manufacturers of chemicals for use on semiconductors, employ wafers to check the performance of their own equipment. They use wafers that have had a film applied, or even a mock-wiring pattern etched into them, to evaluate the performance of semiconductor production equipment and semiconductor chemicals at the stages of development, production, and shipment.

In addition, manufacturers of semiconductor post-process equipment used in semiconductor assembly, employ wafers to evaluate the performance of their production equipment during development. For this, they use wafers that have been reduced in thickness (after backgrinding), and wafers that have been made into mock chips (after dicing), Nippon Chemi-Con can provide services to support various applications such as these.

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