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Overview of Thermocouple Equipped Wafers

Thermocouple Equipped Wafers are important to control the temperature inside devices during the high-temperature processing stages of semiconductor production. These products can be used for this purpose.

During semiconductor production, there are many steps, such as oxidation and calcination, that include high-temperature processing. Thermocouples can be attached to several places on a silicon wafer to check its temperature. These can be used to accurately confirm that heat is evenly distributed throughout the silicon wafer when inside the equipment.

The thermocouples that we attach to the top of wafers through our services boast several special features. They have been treated to suppress dust generation for use in clean environments. And special attention has been paid to how the easily-damaged strands are attached, delivering longer life. In addition, the use of extremely fine line thermoelectric couples makes it possible to prevent temperature variations within furnaces. These thermocouples can be attached, not just to silicon wafers, but to a variety of things, such as LCD glass substrates. Moreover, they can be used for temperature measurement in vacuum environments.


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