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Overview of Reclaimed Wafers

Reclaimed wafers are dummy wafers that have been used for testing or checking equipment, then re-polished to be used again.

Semiconductor manufacturing requires delicate processing. So equipment environment checks and tests are carried out frequently. Monitor wafers and dummy wafers, which could not qualify as prime wafers, are used for these tasks. Following such use, many of these wafers have their film removed using a chemical solution, and then are re-polished to a mirror finish. After that, these reclaimed wafers can once again be used to check equipment environment, or in equipment operation tests.

In short, prime wafers are not necessarily used in semiconductor manufacturing for things that will not become products. Instead, these roles are filled by inexpensive monitor wafers and dummy wafers, or even less expensive reclaimed wafers which can be used multiple times. Reclamation processing can be applied to reclaimed wafers numerous times before they fall below the thickness necessary for use by customers. This makes them extremely economical.

The services that Nippon Chemi-Con provides to customers include used dummy wafer and reclaimed wafer collection and reclamation processing services.


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