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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Product Markings (Radial Lead Type)

The rated voltage and capacitance of our multilayer ceramic capacitors (radial lead type) are indicated on the first or second section. The lowest section shows the product lot number. The information is read as follows.
  32/43 size 55 size 76 size 80/90/99 size
Rated voltage
E:25V / V:35V / H:50V /
A:100V / E:250V / H:500V
1E:25V / 1V:35V / 1H:50V / 2A:100V / 2E:250V / 2H:500V
2 significant digits + 1 exponent digit: Units pF (Ex: 334 = 330,000 pF = 0.33 μF)
NTD series:##R        KVD series:##L
lot No.
2 digits 4 digits
(Last 2 digits is for internal use)
1st digit:  Last 1 digit of the year of manufacture
2nd digit: Production month
               2000's: N~Z(except O)、2010's: A~M(except I)
               2020's: N~Z(except O)、2030's: はA~M(except I)
               Repeat every 10 years (ex: 6A=Manufactured in Jan. 2016)

If you have any questions or inquiries that do not apply to the above, please contact us at the following address.

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