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Recommendations for Inspection and Abnormality Handling for Supercapacitors

We recommend performing regular inspections when using supercapacitors in industrial equipment for extended periods of time. At the same time, please handle with sufficient care when abnormalities occur.

When using supercapacitors for extended periods of time in industrial equipment, we recommend performing the following periodic inspections. Before performing maintenance or inspection, make sure that the equipment power switch is off, and the supercapacitor has been sufficiently discharged.
  • Appearance: Check for dirt or considerable abnormalities such as deformation, fluid leakage, discoloration, or dust between the terminals
  • Electrical performance: Items specified in the catalog or delivery specification
If supercapacitors produce an unusual amount of heat or an abnormal smell, immediately turn off the power to the equipment and stop using it. Also, in the unlikely event that supercapacitors reaches a high temperature, it could lead to things like damage or burns. So please keep your hands and face away from it.

If the pressure valve operates, stop using immediately and thoroughly ventilate the space. High temperature gas could be expelled, so please keep your face and hands away. If you inhale expelled gas, or it gets into your eyes, immediately gargle and wash your eyes with water. Do not taste the electrolyte from supercapacitors. If any electrolyte gets onto your skin, wash it off with soap.

If you have any questions or inquiries that do not apply to the above, please contact us at the following address.

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